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May 12, 2013
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School Trip

Dave x Reader

Dave POV

You swallowed hard before rising you hand to the door and giving it a few knocks. The door swung open revealing a fully dressed Jade and her signature smile plastered to her face. “Dave! I’m guessing you’re here to check up on [Name]?” she said cheerily. “Yeah… how did you know?” you questioned. She shrugged “You told me yesterday,” oh yeah you did, didn’t you? “Plus John told me about your little sickness.” She smirks before walking past you and down the hall. EGBERT! You were going to kill that kid! Who else did he tell! Rose?! If he told your sister!! Whatever, you push it to the back of your head and walk into the hotel room. [Name] slept away peacefully in her bed, it seemed as though she hadn’t moved since you placed her there. You sat at the edge of the bed next to her, she didn’t seem as though she was going to wake up anytime soon, so you allowed yourself to stare. Part of you wished she was awake, or that you could do something to help her. A small thought formed in your head. You owed her didn’t you? Why not repay your debt by looking after her while she was sick! The class was just going to shopping today, nothing big, so the teacher wouldn’t mind if you stayed behind!

You made your way to the teacher’s room and knocked respectfully. He opened the door, still half asleep. “What?!” he grunts, obviously not a morning person. “I’m not to big on shopping,” You say, keeping your cool composure, ”can I stay back today?” He gives you a glare and shrugs “Find a guardian to stay back with you and then it’s fine.” At the most convenient time, your brother walks past. “Bro, I’m staying back, stay with me?” He turns to you and gives you a shrug and a thumbs up. Turning back to the teacher you point over to your brother “Bro says it’s cool.” The teacher looks at him and back to you “Do what you want” and then he slams the door in your face. Bro walks up to you and clamps a hand down on your shoulder “It’s about the girl, right” You wait a minute and give him a quick nod.

Everyone loaded the buses except Bro, [Name], and yourself. You swiftly move to [Name]’s room and use the key card Jade gave you to get in. You smile happily to see her still fast asleep. A whole day, just you and her. You sit on the bed across from her and look at her for a moment before reaching into your bag and producing a rag, a bottle of medicine, water, four bottles of apple juice and two large bags of Doritos. Perfect for when she wakes up. You grab the cloth and pour the water on it, and place it on her forehead. Popping open a bag of Doritos you turned on the TV and waited.

[Name] POV

You woke up in a daze, the world spun for a few seconds. After your slight dizzy spell you prop your self up on by your arms and take a look around. You were in a hotel room, nothing fancy. A damp cloth lay on your head and the TV was playing lowly. You scanned the room and rest your eyes on a bleach blonde boy napping on the bed next to you, a bag of Doritos firmly in his grip. You chuckled to yourself, you found it unbelievably cute. Silently you got up and inspected Dave. His shades were on his face, slightly crooked, it didn’t surprise you, he didn’t seem to take them off. What was his eye color? You pondered it silently. Take off his shades? No, you didn’t do that, you respected his privacy. Suddenly you felt a surge of pain go up your spine and rattle in your head. Giving out a small gasp, which was enough to wake the young Strider. “[Name]?” he said drowsily. A look of concern shows on his face as he sees you hunched over and holding your head. “Hey, take it easy there.” He says as he takes your head in his hands. “What happened?” you question him. “Well you weren’t feeling well and then you took a swan dive into my lap and you’ve been out ever since.” He explained. áA blush slowly makes its approach to your cheeks. “D-did you help me up here?” you asked. “Carried you myself, been looking after you too” behind that fašade he really did seem like a nice guy “that also makes us even [Last name].” He chuckles out. Even? You rake your brain for the answer. Oh yeah, the bus and the fangirls, right. You smile “Still owe me for the juice Strider” You mock him. He laughs “There is apple juice on the table.” He says. “Not going to work, I want to see what you can get me that compares to it!” He seemed to smile at the comment. “Alright, a challenge”

Dave gave you some weird medicine but it made you feel a million times better and you two spent the day curled up on the bed watching TV. Even starting a little food fight after you had thrown a chip at him. Bro, as Dave’s brother asked you to call him, came in and checked on you guys here and there, but most of the time it was just you and Dave. He really was an amazing guy, and you could feel a crush develop in the blink of an eye. The fact that the only thing you thought of while you were asleep was him didn’t help. Suddenly a sappy romance movie had appeared on the screen. As the opening credits started you couldn’t help but stare at him through the side of your eye.

Dave POV

You could see her staring at you and you couldn’t think straight with her (e/c) eyes laying on your face. You had to admit, you played the movie on purpose, hoping that it would make her feel something. Was it working? Seemed like it. ‘Make a move Strider!’ you pushed yourself. You turn to face her, and she makes eye contact with you immediately. “Remember how you said I owe you something almost or just as good as apple juice?” you ask her, wishing the nervousness in your voice wasn’t noticeable. “Y-yeah?” she replies. You lean in, placing your hands on either side of her, pinning her to the bed. Staring her dead in the face “I have an idea of how to repay you.” You say, this time knowing that your nerves showed. You lean in close, and closer, and then…
Good Morrow friends!
Enjoy a cliff hanger!

Part 5: [link]

Part 7: [link]
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