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May 11, 2013
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School Trip

Dave x Reader

Dave POV

Oh God what happened? [Name] was lying on your lap, unconscious. “Bro!”, You shout up the bus, “Get your ass over here!” The whole bus turns to see why you’re yelling for him. Several girls frown in jealousy at the sight of [Name] snoozing on your thighs, but concern washes over their faces when they see her shallow breathing and pained face. Bro makes his why back to you and places the back of his palm to her head. “Woah, that’s not normal.” He whispers to himself. You help him rotate her so the back of her head rested on the top of your legs. He dampens a cloth with cold water, folds it around in his hands a few times and rests it on the majority of her forehead. He makes one last assessment of her condition. “Yeah it’s a virus, nothing contagious, I’m sure, but sure as hell isn’t fun for her.” He says standing up. A water bottle is shoved in your chest, “Take care of her until we reach the hotel lil’ bro.” Giving a deep sigh you take the bottle from his hands and look at [Name] now slightly relaxed face. Your mouth forms a thin line as you ask how long it will last. “You had a similar one last year, so it should be around twenty-four hours.” Oh that’s good.

The time seemed to drag on, minutes seemed like hours. Jade and Rose came back every now and again to check up on their sick friend. You hadn’t moved her since she fainted. She rotates slightly so the side of her head was nestled in your stomach. A light pink dusts your cheeks. If it weren’t for the fact she was sick, you would have appreciated how adorable she was sleeping on your lap. Brushing the hair off her face, you remove the cloth, dampen it a bit, and placed it back to the spot on her head. You give yourself time to examine the girl, (h/c) hair molded her face, and her (s/c) skin seemed flawless. She was just beautiful. Your thoughts were broken when the phone in your back pocket began to vibrate. Carful as to not disturb [Name] you take the phone and check the text you had gotten.

-Having fun back there ;B -

It was Egbert, he had been your best friend since God knows when.

-as much fun as a guy with a sleeping girl on his legs could have-
-hehe so a lot then?-
-not gonna lie, it would be more fun if she wasn’t dying on me-
-fair enough-
-any reason you texted me??-
-to break you out of your dumb love stare-
-my dumb what?-
-love stare, I can see how you are looking at her, you like her-
Your eyes widen at that comment, you couldn’t passably like [Name], you two had only just started talking today!

-shut it egderp, sure she has been in our grade since we were kids, but I only just started talking to her, don’t you think it would be a little too fast to start liking someone??-
-dave, there is an old saying I read once, “it takes 100 falls to learn to stand, 1000 falls to learn to walk, but only one fall no matter how quick, to fall in love”-

Wow ,that was actually a very smart statement, you didn’t entirely expect it from him.

-so? Do you like her or not-

You thought it over, she was fun, liked your songs, an apple juice lover, and she was definitely one of the most beautiful girls you had met, even if you hadn’t noticed since today.

-… you tell anyone and I’ll kill you on sight, got it Egbert!?-
- what ever you say mr. lovebird ;B-

Nope, you were going to kill him, one wrong move and BAM dead. You looked up and gave him a very well earned middle finger; in reply he simply gave you a goofy grin and a thumbs up. Putting your phone back in your pocket you forced yourself to stop blushing. Once again your attention was on [Name] she calmly slept, seeming a bit more relaxed. Yeah, you liked her, maybe a little too much; you just wished you could help her. Suddenly a grin spread across her face, was she dreaming about something? You couldn’t help hoping she was dreaming about you, which, she was.

[Name] dream POV

The breeze blew over the beach sand, tickling up your legs, which your long beautiful {f/c} didn’t cover. The sun just starting to set, making the world turn a beautiful red. Speaking of red, you happen to see a young, bleach blonde boy in a red suit walk up the beach to you. “You look great in that dress, [Name].” He says, grabbing you and pulling you so your chests were pressed tightly together. Suddenly a beautiful song begins to play from who knows where, but you could care less, for mister Strider began to place his hands on your waist. You bring you arms to rest on his shoulders and you both sway there in the pale sunlight for what seemed like a beautiful forever. Staring back at him he gives you a genuine smile as he lowers in and his lips lightly brush on yours. “You are simply perfect~” he whispers before his lips press gently on yours. The light breeze takes you both, and you could feel yourself flying. There was only one thing to say, “I love you.”

Dave POV

D-did she just say she loved you?! Yes, it was faint but you could hear her whisper it. Your face shines with red, and you lower your head so no one, especially John Egbert, could see you smile. Even if it might not be meant for you, you still felt a serge of happiness hearing her say it. “I love you too, [Name]” you whisper so no one could hear it.

The rest of the ride seemed to feel lighter, she slept peacefully and you listen to your iPod while lightly stroking her hair and re dampening the cloth. You arrived in Washington at 9:00 pm, only an hour after the little “I love you” thing, and it was an amazing city. Slowly you tried to wake [Name] up, to no avail, this virus was hitting her pretty hard. The teacher stood once again and announced that you would be arriving at the hotel in ten minutes. Part of you felt glad to be off this bus and for [Name] to have a proper bed, but you couldn’t help feeling an overwhelming sadness, because you wouldn’t have her sleeping on your lap.

As the bus came to a slow stop in the parking lot of some cheap hotel you ask your brother to grab your bag and send it to your room, which you and him would be sharing. “Hey, Harley!” You shout up at Jade. She bounces back to meet up with you, “What’s up Dave?” She says with a slight tilt of her head, which seemed to remind you of a puppy. “You and [Name] are sharing a room right?” She nods “Which one?” “413” she replies. Gently you rapped your arms under [Name] and begin to carry her, bridal style, off the bus, into the hotel, up the elevator, and into her room. You laid her down on the bed nearest to you and rap her in the covers. Slowly you brushed the hair from her face and give a small sigh. Jade stares at you for a split of a second before you get up and head for the door, “I’ll check in on her tomorrow morning,” You said and swiftly move down the hall to room 475. Opening the door you flop onto the bed and burry your face in the pillows. Bro walks out of the bathroom to see you in your small ball of emotions and smirks. “Let me guess, you’re sick too?” he says. You give him a quizzical look as to say ‘No I’m not’. “ Don’t lie little bro, you have a serious case of the love bug.” In the blink of an eye you were in nothing but your underwear, rapped in the blankets and ignoring him.
this my favourite one I got to write

Part 3: [link]

Part 5: [link]
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meowkatie Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
Yes, dave has a well-known condition to internet users
Leave me the hell alone it is.
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HappyKawaiiEmma Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha! Room 413, I see what you did there! ;3
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Yes, just yes. c:
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This is amazing! :iconnosebleedingplz:
But one minor error when John is texting Dave..It says "Passably." when you meant to type "Possibly.."
HappyKawaiiEmma Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just read it as passably... *imagines* awwww!!
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(Not gonna use the typing right now :\ ) Next time i go to a anime convention and im able to get a hotel room for it, ima see if i can get 413 <33333
When I get a hotel, I'm gonna make sure I get room #413 :3
onlyfortime Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Student General Artist
I highly suggest it!
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