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May 11, 2013
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School Trip

Dave x Reader

[Name] POV

Time went by, you switched off from listening to Dave’s iPod, to having small conversations with him, to reading your book. It was nice, and you loved watching the girls in the front scowl at you when you and him laughed uncontrollably. Still, Dave was a pretty good person to talk to, even if it was just minimal. You decided you liked hanging around him, and you vowed to try and talk to him more when this trip was over. All of it seemed to crash around you when you started to feel sick, your head span and your stomach twisted. You give out a slight groan, and you could tell that Dave knew something was wrong.

Dave POV

That didn’t sound good. She held her stomach and gave another small groan and you could see the pain on her face. Placing your hand on her shoulder “Hey you ok?” you ask worried. She gives you a weak smile “Fine, I’m fine hehe.” Digging into her travel bag she pulled out a pair of shades and put them on. You could tell what she was doing right away. Hiding your eyes is the best way to hide emotions; she didn’t want you to worry. You did nonetheless. “You are so not fine.” Staring straight at her face. You might have just started being friends, but it didn’t mean you didn’t care about her, like A LOT. She turned away and starred out the window.  You turn and look straight at the chair in front of you. ‘Come on [Name], you have to tell me this or I can’t help God damn it!’

[Name] POV

He didn’t have to worry; it was probably just motion sickness from reading your book or something. You could see the worry flare in his face and you didn’t like it. People shouldn’t have to worry about you, not even him. You Force yourself to believe that the pain would pass with a little time, but as it went on the pain intensified. ‘Shit, this isn’t motion sickness.’  You give another groan, this time just a little louder. Dave turned to you again, this time he meant business. “No, you are NOT ok, you are going to tell me right now!” He commands. Wincing you turn to him, “I just don’t know ok,” you gasp out, “it just hurts.” His eyebrows rise in concern. “Hey, don’t worry about it ok, I’ll be fine.” Giving him a reassuring smile. He nods in compliance but the worry plainly stays on his face. You didn’t want to see him worry so you turn back to the window.  Another shot of pain courses through your body and you double over, clutching your stomach. This was not going to be fun.

Dave POV

Fuck, what do you do when someone is in pain? Comfort them? Yeah, that’s sounds like a decent plan. Cautiously you place your hand on her back and rub it, giving her small encouragements. She gives another groan and places a hand to her head. You should tell someone. Your brother was helping out as a supervisor and sat a few rows up. “Bro,” you call out to the elder Strider, “can you come over here?” Your brother gets out of his seat and shimmies to the back of the bus. “What’s up lil’ man?”  He says placing a hand on your shoulder. “[Name] here isn’t feeling too hot.” Rubbing her back again. He gives you a shrug “Don’t know man she looks pretty attractive to me.” Instantly your face made contact with the palm of your hand. “Seriously? Bro, I’m not joking, I think she’s really sick.” You knew he could see the worry rise in your face. Nodding he leans over to gives her a little check up. “Ok, just take it easy there girl, it doesn’t seem too bad.” He let’s go of her chin and gives here a little smile, then places a hand on your shoulder. “Keep an eye on her, tell me if it gets worse.” You nod and turn back to her, “Just lay back.” You say as you press her back to a more relaxed position.

[Name] POV

Just take it easy, all right you could do that, yeah. Dave lays you back so you weren’t hunched over. Why did he have to be so nice, and cute and funny? No just stop thinking about him, focus on relaxing, on anything but him or the pain surging through your body. You sit up slightly to look out the window. This was relaxing, watching the land pass by. Dizziness takes over you shortly after and your vision begins to blur. This must be worse than you thought. Black splotches start popping up in parts of you sight, you fell backwards into Dave’s lap, then darkness takes you.
it feels so out of the blue but sickness can happen that fast this was actually based on a real thing that happened to me, so believe me when I say, you are hurting like a motherfucker.

did I mention Bro was here? no? well there you go

Part 2: [link]

Part 4: [link]
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