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Submitted on
May 10, 2013
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School Trip

Dave x Reader

Dave POV

[Name] didn’t talk much, which was cool you guess. She has her rights to remain silent. Didn’t stop you from trying to strike up a convo. “Sooooooo.” you breath out before taking a swig of apple juice. “Soooooooo.” She replied. Well that was a bust, quick try picking a topic.
“What book are you reading?”
“Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson.”
“Sounds cool, what’s it about?”
“People who use color to fuel magic.”
“Huh.” Why was it so hard to get her to talk with you for more than thirty seconds? Giving a slight sigh you close the lid to your apple juice. You were running low and would need to buy more at the next pit stop. Turning to look at her again you decide to try one last time to start up a conversation. “Uhhhh do you like rap music?” she didn’t seem the type to like rap, but all you had left were your sick rhymes. “Depends on if it’s good or not.” This could work, “Want to hear some of mine?” you say pulling out your iPod. [Name] closes the book, “Sure, I’d love to.” Said with a smile. Fuck she was cute when she smiled.

[Name] POV

Dave had talent when it came to music; you listened to his songs for nearly two hours now.  You sat there with him entranced by his Explore mix when the teacher stood to talk. “Stopping at a gas station. Go to the bathroom.” He said before sitting back down. “Cool.” Dave says turning off the music and sticking the iPod back into his pant pocket. You get off the bus and head straight for the drink section. You were parched, what to get though? Oh hey, apple juice.

Dave POV

Slowly you got off the bus and into the station. You head for the washroom first. After sanitizing your hands you head to the drink section. “What the?” you say surprised due to the fact that all the apple juice was gone. You swore you saw almost nine bottles before you went to the bathroom. Accepting defeat you head back to the bus and plopped next to [Name] at the back. Wait? What was in that bag she had on her lap? You turn to see a bag with nine bottles of apple juice. WOAH WOAH WOAH NUH UH! “You’re going to share right?” You say reaching for a bottle. [Name] moves the bag to block the bottles. “I bought them, why should I share?” she laughs out with a grin on her face. So that’s how she wants to play it. “You can’t drink all of it by yourself.” you say. She leans into your face giving you a large smile “Watch me.” she challenges. Twisting off the cap of the first bottle she chugs down half the bottle before your eyes, all while staring you in the face.
This meant war.

[Name] POV

You knew he loved apple juice, almost everyone did. But you couldn’t decide why you bought it all, due to your love for the drink, or to push his buttons. You decide on both. After finishing off half the bottle you give a sigh of satisfaction. Then something almost unexpected happened, Dave tackled you to your seat and pinned you down. “Nope, you’re sharing, no questions.” He says letting go of one of your shoulders to reach for one of the drinks, now lying on the floor. You try to push him off but even though he looked slender he definitely had muscle to him. “Don’t you dare.” You resort to smacking his had away from the drinks on the bus floor. This went on for a bit until you accepted defeat. “FINE, have some!” you shout in his face.

Dave POV

Victory, you let go of [Name] and grab a bottle off the floor. “But,” you hear her say, shit, there was a but, not even the good kinds. “You have to pay me back with something almost, if not just, as good as that juice.” She says crossing her arms. You could do that, maybe not something as good as it, but you could get pretty damn close. You extend your hand towards her, “You have a deal, Ms. [Last Name].” you say as she takes it in her own hand and gives it a firm shake.
if you think that I am rambling and just filling in shit, no, all of this becomes relevant later
I'll upload more tomorrow, but for now I have to work.

Part 1: [link]

Part 3: [link]
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